Rheem 180L MP HWC
Rheem 180L MP HWC

Rheem 180L Mains Pressure Electric HWC

$ 2995

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Hot water is one of life’s true luxuries and at Plumbing Today, we pride ourselves on producing reliable quality products backed by the best in customer service.

Mains Pressure systems deliver full flow and allow for a wider range of modern fittings. Tank or bore water can also be pumped to mains pressure. If you are living in a residential area you will almost certainly have mains pressure available at your gate.

Prices include installation

Vitreous enamel (VE), is a long established and trusted finish
for metal. It is entirely inorganic and the enamel coating is
fused (i.e. not coated) to the metal substrate of the water
heater at temperatures in excess of 900˚C. This provides
a durable, impervious, hygienic and hard finish to prevent
rusting and corrosion.