American Standard Cygnet Easy Height Square
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American Standard Cygnet Easy Height Square

$ 1368

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With a pan and seat up to 40mm higher than standard toilets, the easy height toilet allows for easy transfer on and off the seat. This not only makes life easier as we increase in age, but is ideal for the elderly and those with restricted movement.

*Conditions: For replacement applications only. Does not include change of location of plumbing fixture. Does not include any alteration to existing pipe work. Installation address must be within 8km from Auckland’s CBD. Photo’s of your existing installation may be requested prior to avoid unforeseen installation costs prior to scheduling installation. We have the right to decline installation prior to commencement of work for any reason. 

Prices include installation

The Soft Close automatic closure system finally puts an end to noisy closing WC seats. Just a fingertip touch and the lid closes all by itself, gently and silently.